Best 5 high-speed internet without a contract

No one wants to get tied up with contracts. That is why it is essential that we’d find a company with option plans that we’ll not get bind into a contract. In this article, we will look at company profiles and deals offering highspeed internet services without giving any contracts.

How to get high speed internet without a contract

high-speed internet without a contract

1. Frontier

Rated as the best no-contract option and one of the firsts in the USA, Frontier Telecommunications Company delivers excellent internet speed to its customers. Nevertheless, it’s the fourth largest provider of digital subscriber line in the United States delivering the long distance and local lines, broadband internet, digital television service, and computer technical support. It serves a lot of communities from rural, smaller areas, to large metropolitan cities and markets. Currently, Frontier is accommodating 29 states in the USA.

Primitively originated in the Minneapolis, USA, this company was created in 1935 with a name Citizen Utilities Company. It is formed from the fragments of the Public Utilities Consolidated Corporation. As the years passed by, this company had grown and expanded. The youngest president of this company, a 30-year-old man named Richard Rosenthal that was appointed in 1946.

By May 2009, Frontier co-partnered with Verizon Wireless Communications to acquire 4.8 million landlines for residential and small business customers. This deal would mean to get the lines in areas like Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, and Nevada. By then, Frontier has created a holding company called New Communications ILEC Holdings Inc. On February 5, 2015, Frontier have fully acquired the assets and services on California, Texas, and Florida.

Aside from Verizon, Frontier also had purchase few AT&T lines and its subsidiaries in 2014.

Current Plans and Prices

The Frontier offers a variety of services including the Internet, TV, Phone, and FIOS Cables to its customers. As of now, here are the non-contract services that the company incorporates;

Frontier FiOS Internet Plans:

  • Simply FiOS 50/50
  • As fast as 50 Mbps download and upload speed, you could avail it with a cost-efficient $60 per month price.
  • Simply Broadband Core
  • Included with the Amazon Prime package, these plans run as much as $20 per month at a speed of 6 Mbps.
  • Vantage Internet Ultra + Vantage TV Select
  • Switch to 130+ channels with your TV and an HBO package, this plan has a speed of $65 per month which could be enjoyed at 12 Mbps download.

Frontier FiOS TV Packages

  • FiOS TV Prime HD
  • Enjoy 315+ TV channels and free cable TV installation, this plan will costs you about $75.99.
  • America’s Top 120+
  • Take your world to 190+ TV channels with free HBO, CineMax, Showtime, and Starz for 3 months at $69.99 per month.
  • Digital Phone Essentials
  • Call unlimitedly with 30 minutes nationwide long distance calling per month. You could avail of this plan at $29.99 per month.

2. Verizon Wireless

A subsidiary company of Verizon Communications, this American telecommunications company is the largest wireless service provider in the USA with 149 million subscribers dated back in October 2017. Currently, the company operates a national 4G LTE network for which is used by 98% of the US population. Nevertheless, the company announced that they will be introducing 5G or fifth generation network this year. It is led by its new CEO, Hans Vestbergv for which will put into position on August 1, 2018.

The Verizon Wireless is mainly based in the Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The company was made through a partnership and merger with American phone Company Bell Atlantic and GTE Corporation back in April 2000.

Being the largest wireless telecommunications in the USA, the Verizon Wireless has acquired a lot of customers through multiple states in the USA. Respectively, places and states like Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, and Kansas are just a few of the areas in America that the company is delivering their services.

Furthermore, the company had gotten even bigger when they purchased wireless telecommunication companies including Plateau Wireless Market in 2012 and Golden States Cellular Operator in 2014.

In January 2015, the company was brought into controversy for which have resulted to a non-contract phone and internet deals with the company. In March 2017, another controversy also happened which involved with the said company upon the introduction of the app called AppFlash into its Android phones.

Current Plans and Prices

  • $30 per month- Starting fee with unlimited talk, text, and no data.
  • $50 per month- Additional $20 fee from the basic plan with unlimited text, talk, and 5 GB of LTE data.
  • $70 per month- A $40 adjustment from the basic plan incorporating services like unlimited text, talk, and 10 GB of LTE Data.

Data Add-ons

This refers to any extra fees that you’ll have to pay upon adding data from the services given above. It is important to know that any additional fee isn’t incorporated in the current plan that you have and these add-ons will expire 30 to 90 days from its application.

  • For extra 500 MB, you should be paying $15
  • For extra 1 GB, you should pay about $20
  • For extra 2 GB, you should be paying $35
  • For extra 5 GB, you’ll be paying $60

3. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is a subsidiary from the German telecommunications company named Deutsche Telekom AG. Nevertheless, it has been predominantly used in some parts in Europe specifically Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and in the USA. Globally, the company and its subsidiaries are accommodating about 230 million subscribers. This telecommunication company is the world’s thirteenth largest mobile phone service provider.

In July 1985, Germany’s first mobile phone network was established through the Deutsche Bundespost. It’s used widespread by a lot of users in Germany during that time. By January 1, 1995, the Deutsche Bundespost was renamed to Deutsche Telekom AG. By November 1996, the company was privatized and had begun to acquire subsidiaries including T-Prefix which later was known to as T-Mobile.

The company has expanded to different countries including the USA and some countries in Europe by July 5, 2005. By 2007, T-Mobile UK has merged different companies including Orange, France Telecom company to create the biggest wireless telecom company in the UK. On January 31, 2018, T-Mobile has committed itself to 100% renewable energy by 2021. Just recently, the T-Mobile USA has appointed its new president named Mike Sievert.

Current Plans and Prices:

The T-Mobile has a lot of mobile plan options that you could choose depending on your convenience as needed. Plans such as T-Mobile’s Jump Program, Music Freedom, Binge On, and a lot more than you could use. Nevertheless, this includes the following;

  • $30 per month- This plan incorporates 100 minutes of the call, unlimited text, and free data usage up to 5 GB.
  • $40 per month- Adding $10 to the basic plan, this plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data usage up to 3 GB.
  • $50 per month- An excess of $20 from the regular plan, this plan includes unlimited talk and text with a data usage up to 5 GB of data.
  • $60 per month- An increase of $30 from the basic plan, this includes an unlimited call, unlimited text, and data usage at a maximum of 10 GB of data.

Family Plans

If you’ll consider using T-Mobile not just you but the entire family, then this is the best option that you could get. This plan encompasses an unlimited text, talk, and data with other additional features like Netflix subscription and international texts or calls. There are existing plans that you could enjoy as needed;

$49.99 per month- The basic family plan. If you want to add two lines, then you’ll have to pay $10 per line.

Military and Veteran Plans- The basic family plan with 50% discount if you’ll add two to six lines into the services.

Seniors and older (Unlimited 55+)- For customers 55 years and older, you’ll be able to enjoy the $70 discount with a $35 price per addition of a line.

Other Existing Plans:

This refers to other small priced and duration plans that you could enjoy with. This includes the following;

$3 per month- 30minute call, text, or a mixture of these two.

$5 per day- This features unlimited call, text, and a free 500 MB of data per day.

$10 per week- With the $5 increase from the daily plan, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited call, text, and a 1 GB of free data.

**Optional: You could add $5 per month if you want to call unlimitedly within countries Canada and Mexico. For add-ons with unlimited texting and calling to other 30+ countries, a $15 per month is added.

4. AT&T

The AT&T Telecommunications Company is one of the finest and multi-national corporations in the USA. It’s the world’s largest telecommunication company with multiple holding companies and subsidiaries across the world. Currently, AT&T holds out its peak in fixed telephone services and number two in terms of mobile telephone services in the USA. The AT&T company has its corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas with its current CEO Randal Stephenson. Nevertheless, the company is a direct descendant of the Bell Telephone company for which has been founded by the famous telephone inventor, Alexander Graham Bell.

As a subsidiary with Bell Telephone Company, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company in the USA has flourished out by 1885. During this period, there was a direct monopoly of the company in the telecommunications field within America. Considering, AT&T has been the largest phone company at that time not just dominating America but also Canada and Mexico until 1982 for which a complete division of the company had done.

A separate company was created by Robert G. Pope named SouthWestern Bell Corporation for which had competed its former brand. By this time, this company had started acquisitions from several telecommunication companies in the 1990s. Later on, the company has changed its name as SBC Corporation.

A sudden change of fate has happened when SBC Corporation has purchased AT&T in 2005. For a better name, the SBC had adopted the former and changed it to AT&T instead as what we’ve known.

Currently, AT&T not just holds telephone lines but through time has extended to cable TV, mobile texts and call, and internet data. The company has expanded to various countries and one of the major telecommunication company players in Latin America.

Current Plans and Pricing:

AT&T has a bit similar pricing strategies as to its plans with Verizon Wireless. Their offerings are generally simplified for everyone to understand. Aside from that, the AT&T has adapted much from Cricket’s discounts and promos into it.

  • $30 per month- The basic plan includes unlimited talk and text. Data is not incorporated in this plan.
  • $45 per month- A $15 increase from the basic plan, this incorporates unlimited talk, text, and a free 4 GB of data.
  • $60 per month- This promo includes unlimited talk, text and free 8 GB of data into it. Aside from that, unlimited call and texts to Canada and Mexico are also incorporated in the plan package.
  • $2 per day- Unlimited text, talk, with no data into it. This is intended for travelers across the USA.
  • $0.10 per minute- For those who want to do it in a basic way, the AT&T caters support with $0.10 per minute call, $0.20 per message, and $0.01 per 5 KB of data.
  • $65 per month- Direct TV with Internet Package

5. Cricket Wireless

A subsidiary of AT&T, this prepaid wireless service provider gives the mobile text, call, and data to some states in the USA. Owned previously by Leap Wireless International, this company was acquired by AT&T Wireless Communication on July 12, 2013, with $1.2 billion. Furthermore, the merger was completed and made official on March 13, 2014. This company is known for their protective insurance. This means that the company will provide insurance plan encase any physical damage, water damage, loss, and theft is done.

Basically, Cricket has started in the prepaid wireless industry by 1999. Its main headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The primary target of this market was through rural areas in Chattanooga, Ten. But nonetheless, the development of this industry has slowly grown through the years with a lot of advances.

By September 4, 2007, its competing company, the Metro PCS has offered to merge with this company. However, the company has rejected this offer.

After that happening, through the years the Cricket Wireless have abruptly improved and continue to expand to various markets and areas including Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Also, the company enhances its technology and customer support to its users.

By July 12, 2013, the Leapless Wireless has agreed and signed on making a merger and acquisition with its current parent company, the AT&T.

Current Plans and Prices:

Here are the existing plans with its corresponding prices that you’ve known. It’s a bit similar to AT&T and Verizon but still more affordable. This includes the following;
  • $30 per month- Consists of unlimited talk and text with 1 GB free of data.
  • $40 per month- A $10 increase In the basic plan comprises of unlimited call and text with 3 GB free of data.
  • $50 per month-This plan includes the unlimited talk, text, and 10 GB of free data.
  • $70 per month- Everything is unlimited for this plan from the talk, text to data usage.

**Note: All the plans indicated includes text, call, and free data roaming in Canada and Mexico.