Boost Mobile 50 dollar Unlimited Plan

A surge in the need for spontaneous information transfer had brought about an invention of the mobile phone. Communication has taken many turns and finally has reached a crossroad in this century where frequency of information sending and retrieval has increased. This has led to mobile phone companies beginning new subscription policies for attracting potential customers. Boost Mobile has grabbed the opportunity to start its unlimited 50 dollar plan that has turned to be an icing on the cake for America’s mobile users.

About the Plan Boost Mobile 50 dollar Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan that requires a subscription with 50 dollars is quite versatile in its offering of talk time, data and other benefits. It offers better services with the 4G network availability for unlimited streaming of music and news. However, the unlimited streaming of music as a feature has a catch. The unlimited streaming of the music is only applicable for some selected partners like iHeartRADIO , Spotify and Slacker Radio. The music streaming is carried out at a commendable rate of 500 kbps and does not make use of the phone’s data. You can enjoy the music anytime irrespective of where you are indoors or outdoors.

The steps involved in this subscription are quite simple for any average American. Initially you need to purchase a Boost mobile from a store. The brand has a special appeal and is full value for your money if you are interested in music, gaming and action. After purchasing your boost mobile you need to subscribe to one of their unlimited data plans. This subscription is valid only for a month and you need to undergo the subscription process again for enjoying the benefits. The final step involves downloading the required music application from Playstore and tuning in to the artists you love to hear from. 

There are some important things that one needs to keep in mind regarding subscription with the plan and usage. In order to use the plan and avail all its features the monthly payment must be made on time within a due date. The due date involves the date when you first made payment while subscribing to the plan. If you miss the payment for your Boost Mobile 50 dollar unlimited plan you will be only allowed to receive calls and texts on your phone for 120 days after your last paid date.

Cancellation of Service

Your service is liable to be cancelled if you somehow fail to make the payment within one hundred and twenty days after you last payment date. In simpler terms you must ensure that you fill sufficient funds in your wallet to allow the subscribed plan to start otherwise you stand a chance of cancelling your account. Unless you pay the requisite you are restricted from making any calls and enjoying other benefits that come with the plan. When the service is restored after payment of the requisite amount the next due date for payment will be one date prior in the following month from your subscribed date. It is therefore essential for you to keep track of your payments and make the monthly payment a habit if you wish to continue with the services.

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Features of the Boost Mobile 50 dollar Unlimited Plan

The features for all the unlimited plans stay the same for Boost Mobile. They include a wide range of benefits where the user derives complete satisfaction while using his phone.

  • The first feature includes the unlimited data, talk time and texts helping busy people to smoothly talk over the phone with their bosses or families. The data service offered has a pretty decent pace. One of the reasons for this is that Boost runs on Sprint’s network which is the third largest best service provider in the USA in terms of performance. In addition to this, one is not allowed to bring any kind of mobile within the boost network as the hardware is fitted to suit only a few handsets.
  • It also offers 50 domestic voice roaming minutes and video assistance through texts four hundred and eleven times. This creates a sense of trust in the minds of the users as Boost enables the interactive process of providing support to the users.
  • The mobile hotspots and wifi availability is available restricted to 8 GB for the 50 dollar plan.

Significant Gotchas in the Plan

The unlimited plan has helped many a man to talk to their friends, relatives, wives and bosses without worrying about the heavy bill at the end of the month. Boost Mobile 50 dollar unlimited plan has eased the lives of many and had patched up several broken relationships but there are a few exceptions that need addressing.

Many of the Americans have said to have complained about the service not being available in all parts of the country. It is only directed for a specific number of locations and does not help the user if he falls in one of the out of range zones.

The term unlimited is a misnomer in this case as the unlimited should be replaced by 2.5GB data. This data may lead to decrease in the speed thereafter with constant buffering in many videos and slower downloads. The videos are streamed in 3G speeds and that involves the rusty playback to follow with it.

Reviews say that the 50 dollar unlimited plan would benefit a student who has a low income or someone who is satisfied with a low budget phone. However, for people who want to have better options should opt for better network providers like AT&T. It varies from person to person what mobile offers one wishes to have. There are corporate employees who require to talk almost 5 hours a day and then there are other people who can have a good life by talking for an hour each day. One must check out all the mobile prepaid plans with all the service providers to determine which would be more suitable for him.

Hotspot Data Plan

Boost mobile Hotspot Data Plan

In conjunction with the 50 dollar unlimited plan Boost Mobile has also started offering the Unlimited Hotspot data plan. In order to use this service one needs to purchase the hotspot device provided by Boost Mobile. You are offered 10 GB of data for paying 50 dollars a month.

The easy to use and easy to carry hotspot device called the Netgear fuse can be purchased from It is also is available in the Boost outlets and with other dealers in the market. It will allow users to bring together 10 hotspot enabled devices in order to use the services at a time. Generally connecting too many devices with a hotspot spoils the quality of the service. However, the underlying network infrastructure of Boost is stubborn enough to provide good service to 10 devices.

The 2500maH battery used in the device requires sufficient charging after which it provides 10 hours of continuous service to the user. No other hardware device is required in order to use the device. The device uses 4GLTE networks and is not compatible with slower 3G networks. The video streaming however is offered with lesser speeds. Overall it is a cheap buy if you consider the overall benefits and features.

Reviews over the 50 dollar unlimited plan have not been good from Samsung mobile users. They had complained about their phones not booting up after they subscribed to the Boost monthly plan. It was later reported that the hardware of Samsung phones was not compatible with the new network conditions. Therefore, if you are a Samsung user you might as well go for Sprint as the association of Samsung and Sprint is quite good.

Many people have complained about the non cooperation of Boost employees regarding problems in the 50 dollar plan. The users have complained about their services getting cancelled after 1 year from the date of subscription. Such complaints have been very frequent with Boost and many have preferred to stay with AT&T.

Boost Mobile 50 dollar Unlimited Plan Network Security

With Boost gradually extending its business over whole of the entire USA a proper security mechanism needs to be implemented over the Boost network for preventing third party attackers from barging into the network to tamper with users data. The use of Virtual Private Networking that governs the working of the boost network serves that purpose. With VPN you are not only immune from network attackers but can also enjoy uninterrupted streaming of the Boost associated musical videos.

Virtual private networking enables a tunneling feature between your Boost mobile phone and a Boost server located far away from you place of usage. The tunneling is like a protective sheath that does not allow other users to enter into the communication zone between your mobile and the Boost server. It prevents malicious intermediaries from stealing your credit card numbers during plan subscriptions with Boost.

You would be wise to install a router with a Boost VPN service so that the data that leaves your home does not reveal the information to other users present in the network. The VPN also does prevents users who are not subscribed to Boost’s monthly plan from entering into the communication domain. It is the reason why other network users cannot make use of the Boost network even if they are located in a place that experiences high usage of the Boost hotspot feature. Thus with Virtual Private Networking taking its toll over Boost’s private networks it will be very difficult for other network users to make their way inside the Boost network.

Boost Plans for Families in Cuba

The recent good relations between Cuba and America have initiated Boost to reveal plans for Americans who have relatives in Cuba. With the 50 dollar unlimited plan Boost is offering the service in only a few select places where the number of Cuban-Americans is more. This somehow restricted Americans living outside places like Miami to feel deprived of the benefits that Boost has offered. The plan allows for 5GB of data usage with Cuban residents and just by paying extra 10 dollars the plan can be extended for 10 GB. It also allows unlimited calling and 15 talk minutes at 33 cents per minute.

This plan was mainly started as a result of good relations nurturing between Cuba and the US for which greater economic development in both the countries was expected. The Boost company however, remained skeptical in their views of opening the services in places outside Miami. It proves to be seen whether Boost initiates the process of spreading of its plans for many Cubans would navigate to the US in search of better jobs in the future years. If Boost is willing to have more sales and greater revenue it must start the plan in all parts of America.

Should you opt for the Boost Mobile 50 dollar Unlimited Plan?

Being a mobile user you must get tempted to try out the monthly plans that Boost has to offer its customers. But in a deeper sense one must carefully go over the terms and conditions before enrolling oneself for any of the monthly plans.

If someone has a fixed earning by working in the corporate sector it might be a good idea to opt for Boost for the monthly subscription would have a better chance of continuity through daily monthly payment of the charge. However, people with no such monthly income will think twice before enrolling for the plan simply because there remains a chance of cancellation of the account if one does not refill the balance within twenty days after a certain renewal. For this matter Boost is expected to attract the people who have a fixed monthly income and won’t attract petty workers who have a variable income throughout the year.

Apart from the factor of earnings you must also determine whether your phone supports the Boost network. There are many cheaper products that does not support the 4GLTE network infrastructure and for them it would be useless to have a Boost network connectivity. All in all it is a good venture but has several potholes to be filled.