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The Internet in the 21st century acts as a central hub that helps people to connect, transact, work and the perform other day to day activities. The Internet lies at the fore front of the digital revolution with markets growing online to involve more number of internet users every day. The digital world provides plenty of scope for low income families to earn but unfortunately, most of them cannot afford an internet connection in their homes. It is for that matter the poverty level still remains high as low income families lag well behind in their per capita income when compared to the average American home.

It is by virtue of the internet service provided by ISPs at cheap rates, that these families have found a way to involve themselves with the affairs in the world. Internet as it appears to represent itself in its structure connects several low income homes together which have got the opportunity to utilize this in valuable resource. Comcast offers its Internet Essentials program that aims to provide free internet to plenty of American homes by virtue of its large network. Comcast free internet for low income families is a huge initiative taken by the organisation to provide plenty of people with low cost web services.

Complete Guide to get Comcast Free Internet for Low Income Families

Comcast Free Internet for Low Income Families

Comcast has been a boon to the world’s economy and America’s low income families as they can now associate themselves with the digital world. Every child in the American home is now given access to the world of e-learning. This would in turn accentuate the interest towards learning as well provide a job to a member in the low income family. The program is said to have given internet access to four million families in one million homes.

It is the largest free learning initiative taken in the country and therefore is sure to bring a massive change in the modern world. It will help numerous aged household members to connect with their old friends. It is a wonderful platform that would drive away people’s loneliness and cause them to live a happier life. Recently, Comcast has gone about giving additional benefits to its subscribers in the form of increased internet speeds and free wifi hotspots to connect with. In short this program allows three problems to be solved that involved expensive internet, unconsciousness to the world of social media and inability to access computers.

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Availing the Comcast Internet Service

Unlike most other internet service providers you are required to fulfill some basic requirements before you enrol in Comast’s internet service. These eligibility criteria have undergone some transformation in the recent days with little extra changes introduced in the terms and conditions. We will first look into the services offered by Comcast and then weigh both the pros and cons of Comcast’s internet service before giving our final verdict on the matter. Instead of clearly stating the advantages a comprehensive review will be provided about the service offered.

In order to avail the Comcast internet service, a household must be located in a region where Comcast gives access to its services. Further more, it was previously ruled that the families that used the Comcast free internet service must have a child who receives a lunch through the National School Lunch program. This proved to be a little harsh over families that lacked a child and the plan was later revised. The revised scheme allowed families without a child to also get enrolled in the company’s free Internet services. People who supported the poor stood for the cause and persuaded the Comcast executives and decision makers for taking better decisions in the future.

Leaving the other two requirements Comcast also put a restriction on families who did not have a subscription to a low cost internet service. Thus, people who were already using some Internet service were not eligible to apply. Restriction was imposed on the families who had unreturned equipments of Comcast. Comcast after putting the amendments in place decided to allow the elderly in a household to have access to the Internet. The computers are supposed to be preinstalled with the Windows 7 operating system and could have Norton security to be installed in their system.

Subscription to Comcast’s Internet Service

For families to subscribe to Comcast’s free internet service, an application form concerning personal details is required to be filled up initially. The entire application form contains vital information about the family’s income and other information related to the internet subscription. The application form is then to be sent for review to the Comcast headquarters where all personal details will be minutely checked and verified. This is an important step in the overall subscription process as many families may take advantage of this scheme to enjoy cheap, high speed internet. Families are then sent an approval email that would inform them about the status of their application. Applications would be rejected if any mismatch is found between the information provided in the application form and the actual documents.

Families can also be provided with a contact number that would connect them to a representative in Comcast who would initiate the registration process. The scheme would be granted at the onset of every school year. The final stage of the verification would include a third party agent calling on the family to check whether they indeed have a child who receives free lunch. Overall, the entire registration detail would be conducted by highly secured machines that would not allow any data to be leaked to the outside world.

Components involved in the Comcast Internet Service

As evident of all internet services, the Comcast internet service would provide their users with a username and password that would enable them to keep their account secured. The entire username package will consist of the username itself, the password and security questions that will be used to bring back a lost account. The username will be mainly of two types: Primary and Secondary. The main household member whose name is registered with the Comcast service will be assigned the primary username with each account containing a single Primary username. The secondary usernames would be meant for the other members in the house who will be directed by the primary user. There can be a maximum of six secondary usernames related to one primary username. The primary username will be assigned when the account is first created.

Benefits that Comcast will have on the World

The extra initiative taken by Comcast to provide low cost fast internet to all low income families will not only affect the places of Comcast service but will have a deepening effect on the entire planet. The services would enable more people to get involved in the digital market as a result of which the competition for online jobs will increase. Low income families will look to earn over the internet as a result of which job applicants from middle income families will have a lower chance of acceptance. However, it may lead to creation of more jobs as new online organisations will open up to recruit more people. This will in turn develop the economy of the country and raise better wages for the low income homes.

Pros and Cons in subscribing to Comcast’s Internet Service

Every venture has some pros and cons associated with it. Comcast’s Internet service may initially look to be a favorable project in many aspects but then will bring on certain drawbacks. We would initially roll over the pros of Comcast’s internet service.

  • Comcast providing cheap internet at prices as low as 9 dollars per month would enable almost every single home to have access to the internet irrespective of their financial position. However, people have learnt the fact that cheap internet is not always the best as speed is a more important factor for determining the quality of an Internet service. As a result of this, Comcast decided to increase the speed of its internet service to more than 10 Mbps. The fast internet at a low cost would stand out of all other internet services as people will want to get a better resource at a lower cost. Customers may increase the speed of their connection to over 100 Mbps by paying an amount of 60 dollars to Comcast every month. The advantage in this regard is not only applicable to speed but Comcast’s users may terminate their connections anytime they wish to. Overall the users are not bounded with limitations and therefore can be more flexible in their use of Comcast’s services.
  • Every internet connection requires a security mechanism that protects the user’s identity and personal information. Comcast similarly creates a trusted layer of security over their Internet service that would constantly monitor the entire wifi network. This security service would be delivered free of charge as a result of which Comcast would gain more trust from their customers in their daily activities.
  • Apart from the security and cheap rates of use the internet service will have versatility in its services. It would allow users to play games online and would allow the elderly to watch the local news for entertainment. These added benefits would be of much help to the organisation as it would eliminate the need of a television set in the low income households. The facilities offered by the services would be suitable for both adults and kids.
  • For places that are prone to experience inclement weather Comcast’s internet service would provide a solid proof against natural calamities. This would ensure uninterrupted service and will better user experience.

Although the pros greatly out number the cons, the cons are worth lending an ear to.

  • For any new venture to get established it requires customer support. The customer support can be obtained from good reviews on the internet. However, Comcast being in its infancy will have lesser chances to get good reviews as users will take time to build trust. This can have a bad impact on the number of potential buyers as people will prefer a trusted internet service.
  • Since Comcast’s services are only available on a number of locations there will be many areas that will be deprived of the good service. Speed variations will also occur as people living close to the wifi gateway will experience greater speeds than people living far from it. All in all the restriction on location will have a negative impact on many potential internet users.

Choosing Comcast as your Internet Service

It completely depends upon your financial condition whether it will be a good decision to opt for Comcast. Although you may initially feel tempted to resort to a cheaper connection, you may be apprehensive of the future conditions. Before choosing Comcast you must compare the pros and cons of each of the Internet service connections in order to really understand your purpose of use. If you are someone who would use the internet for general surfing and information collection you may choose Comcast without worrying too much about its speed. Even with low speeds the WebPages can successfully transmit the content to your browser. However, if one uses the internet to set up an organisation where client communications are always necessary one might be tempted to use a faster connection.

With everything in place you may test out your luck with Comcast. You need not worry about your credit card numbers getting linked because the service would be protected with a firm secured system that would continuously monitor the overall network to identify any malicious intruders prying their eyes in user’s activities. I t would be the best to install an IDS in your home along with Comcast’s secured service that would check the data trying to enter your network. If the data is found to be suspicious then the data entry is immediately closed. Thus Comcast can be used without any worries, if an IDS protected gateway is present in your local area network. So while choosing, choose wisely.