Root Oppo F1 – Oppo Rooting Tips For Android User

Root Oppo F1; Smartphone rooting is upper-level work, anyone can perform this work. Rooting means over control the entire system of a smartphone. Via rooting you can download blocked apps and able to use blocked features on your smartphone. Rooting is a risky work, it does not prevent malicious apps from destroying operating system. But at first, you may want to know about advantages and disadvantages of the root. It is not a conclusion, I will understand you to root is a need for your or not. Okay, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages details in below.

Advantages of Root Oppo F1 Smartphone

After a long time using an old android smartphone, you may bore for some limitations. You are trying to overcome the limit. But without rooting access you don’t fulfill your wish.

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Some limitations are

Tired of using old and slower OS and the same theme

nable to update OS for new features because of limitations

Failed to uninstall pre-installed application that you never use

For fix these problems you have to root your smartphone. However, now I am going to share about some advantages of root in below.

Root Oppo F1 Smartphone

  • Install Custom ROMs

To install a Custom ROM you will be able to change the look of your smartphone. Every android device users need to root their phone for install custom ROM. A cool Custom ROM give you full joy which was not found in old OS. Via installing a new Custom ROM on the android phone seem like a new android device.

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  • Block Ads

One of the annoying things is Ads, every android user falls in it. Actually, Ads come on free apps which are already installed on your device. Every app of our phone are free so the developer adjusted ads on these apps for earn money. But not only you or me everyone doesn’t like it. We have an option to block these ads. Via using Adfree, Adblock Plus and Ad Away can help you to block ads easily. But at first, you have to gain root access.

  • Remove Preinstalled Apps

Maybe you are angering for seeing these issue like battery draining, unnecessary empty folders etc. Android phone has many hidden unnecessary folders. Another way, your phone has too many apps which you don’t need. These apps another name is preinstalled apps. The developers give these apps for free for every android user. But advance user like to uninstall these without root access you can’t uninstall them. If you every uninstalled them more space will be free and the performance of smartphone going smoothly and fast.

  • Install Incompatible Apps

On Google play store has one more wonderful apps like Ad-block Plus, Lucky Patcher, Titanium backup. Android is not an open platform for us. So that we cannot control android device fully. Apps not installed is a blocked notification. This block another name is carrier blocked apps, it means these apps not compatible with your device. The Root access gives you to install incompatible apps without any problem.

  • Change the Screen of your Android

Those people who are interested in changing the look of their smartphone perfectly. They will be able to do this. Via root access, they can remove the old styles of the android device because the old screen style is so ugly and bulky.

  • Keep Latest Android OS

Every latest OS has many new features which were not found in the previous OS. If you want to be an android developer they will always get new OS on Android device. The bonus won’t be fulfilled if your phone is unrooted.

  • Boost Android Device

Boost means the speed up the android system. Usually, we don’t operate our smartphone as speedily. It has one more reason like for install multiple apps, unnecessary files or folders etc. if you once make your device root. You will be able to overcome all of the problems simply. Another way, you will be able to increase the battery life via installing Greenify apps.

Root Oppo F1

Disadvantages of Root Oppo F1

There has a lot of disadvantages of the root, you have to know it. So that, I am going to share it clearly in below.

  • Root can Brick Android Device

One of the common threat is Phone Brick, everyone afraid of this word. If you once you failed to root your android device. The phone will be brick. For preventing brick you have to download apps from a reliable place such as Google Play Store. Avoid someone suggested files because the files can be brick your device.

  • Void the Warranty

Root access will void the warranty of your smartphone. After rooting you have no access to go customer care for resolving any of issue of this smartphone. They don’t allow rooted device.

  • Problem With Updates

Root access helps you to install Custom ROM but you may don’t find the automatic update advantage. The update may be failed to appear due to modification of the system.

Compare the advantage and disadvantages of the root, if you think the root is necessary for you. You can do these, other ways ignore it.

 Requirements of Root Oppo F1

  1. Before going to root process backup your previous data, it’s only for safety purpose

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  1. Make sure your device has battery charge at least 50-60% and ensure all of the antivirus apps already removed from your device.
  2. Enable to “Unknown Sources” from the path Settings>Security>Device Administration>Unknown Sources. Only enable this option then you will be able to install the Framaroot rooting app.

After complete the step, you can go forward for rooting tips in below.

  1. Download Framaroot and install directly to your device. If successfully install launch it.
Root Oppo F1
Root Oppo F1
  1. Open it and Select “Install Superuser” as an action of fulfilling after root chooses “Gandalf” exploit. If don’t get success message Click on “Aragorn” exploit. Now your device will be rebooted
  2. The success message is “Success! Superuser and SU binary installed. You have to reboot your device.
  3. Click OK for Reboot this device

That’s it. You have successfully root Oppo F1 Smartphone without Use PC or laptop. Check root status of this smartphone via Root checker.

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If you face any difficulty while trying to root, let me know via comments. Drop your valuable comment in comment box.