Root Samsung galaxy S8 or S8 plus – Osroots

Today I am going to provide you a free tutorial for root Samsung galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phone. First of all; you need galaxy S8 Smartphone international model. Because without international model the guideline does not work properly. Before going to root the galaxy S8 everyone should backup all data from the Smartphone to any kind of secure place like as PC, HDD, online hosting server, pen drive etc. I like to backup any android Smartphone in an online cloud server. I have another article about cloud backup any kind of android Smartphone. Also, you should charge your battery full before going to root Smartphone galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Right now we are ready to start work in proper way.

Step by Step guideline for root Samsung galaxy S8

Root Samsung galaxy S8

Fist thing you should go to setting of the galaxy S8 phone and tap on about the menu and make sure your galaxy S8 model number is supported. I mean your Smartphone is international GSM phone. Here my model number is SMG950FG this international GSM. Now tap on software information and tap continues more than seven times to or until the developer mode turn on. After developer mode turn on you should tap on back button two times and tap on developer menu right now check on here OEM Unlock menu turn it on. If you are not able to find it so you can skip the option. You need inside of the galaxy S8 a Micro SD card here I have already used Samsung micro SD card. If you don’t have Micro SD card you can buy from Amazon. Now connect your Smartphone to your computer via USB cable and make sure allow access to phone data options. Right now you should open your browser and go to the galaxy S8 root dot com. Here I provide you the website for batter understand.

What should you need to done before root Samsung galaxy S8?

Go to the website and click on tool menu and download the driver for galaxy S8 Smartphone. Right now unzip the file, copy the two file into your galaxy S8 Micro SD card. Next step disconnect your galaxy S8 Smartphone from your computer and restart the mobile. But before the restart, we should keep the volume down, backspaces button and power button. Hold down around two sec and you like to see download mode the Smartphone now connect the USB cable again and back to the computer screen. Now back to the download folder and open the Odin 3 .exe, right now we need to install Samsung driver in our computer, just go back to the download folder and install the Samsung driver into your computer. Now reconnect your phone via USB cable. When you see the Odin show blue cooler button now you should add AP. Select the AP from the download folder.

Important part of root Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus

Here the important part of root when we click on start within two sec your Smartphone display back screen as a time we should keep Volume UP, Backspace, and Power buttons. Right now you can remove the USB cable. Right now go to installation on your Smartphone screen, Select Micro SD card tap on okay and conform to flash. Wait until reboot the Smartphone. Right now your Samsung galaxy S8 or S8 Plus fully rooted.

For more understanding, you can follow the video blow